Guide To Selling And Buying Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has been in the news lately due to its wild price swings. However, this has not deterred investors with the cryptocurrency market seeing a boom in trading participation.

Guide To Selling And Buying Bitcoin

The entire altcoin revolution that originated in 2008 after a person or a group operating under the pseudonym ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ published a paper outlining the concept of Bitcoin, has changed the entire monetary system of the globe.

On Thursday, the crypto market has witnessed a mixed bag trade as investors have rushed to book profits. BTC lost some of its steam and dropped 4 percent to $34k levels. The world’s largest cryptocurrency is down over 40 percent in April-June period.

However, BTC outperformed large altcoins in June – while BTC declined nearly 3 percent in June, altcoins like Ripple XRP, EOS, and Chainlink lost over 30 percent.

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