Gold Price Analysis: Gold Price Extends Losses Below $1,900

Gold Price Analysis: Gold prices remain pressured during a three-day downtrend of around $1,883, down 0.26% on a day, ahead of the Super Thursday’s European session. In doing so, the quote fades earlier bounce off the day’s bottom of $1,885.16 as traders await the key US Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the European Central Bank (ECB) outcomes.

Gold Price Analysis

A seven-week low of US inflation expectations keeps market players hopeful that the Fed can term the US CPI temporary risk should it matches the firmer forecasts. Though, early signals of the inflation, comprising the Retail Sales, Core PCE and GDP, not to forget buying spree due to the economic unlock, say another story for the next week’s FOMC meeting. As a result, a YoY CPI print near 3.4% and/or a 4.7% Core CPI shouldn’t make a strong bearish case for gold but anything beyond that will be crucial.

An otherwise market mover, the ECB meeting, is likely to step back to a second-tier unless Christine Lagarde and the company surprises markets with a change in either the benchmark rate of 0.0% or Deposit Rate of -0.5%, not forget any tapering announcement.

It should, however, be noted that the regional central bank could probe the US dollar’s recent gains should the policymakers back their economic optimism with an upward revision to the macro forecasts.

Gold Price Analysis
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Gold Price Analysis Today

It’s worth noting that US President Joe Biden’s visit to UK PM Boris Johnson, to break the Brexit deadlock over the Northern Ireland (NI) protocol, also becomes a second-tier event to watch.

While the EU has been cheering Biden’s readiness to meddle, there prevails a doubt over whether America will risk its ties with Britain for the issue which has multiple loopholes. The same could risk the continuation of the mixed sentiment and put a safe-haven bid under the US dollar.

Additionally, the Group of Seven’s (G7) indirect hints to battle China over foreign trade and covid origin joins the Sino-American relations, which recently turned promising, may also –play their part to confuse gold traders. However, gold sellers should keep their eyes on the US dollar index (DXY), up for the third day near 90.15, to determine immediate moves.

Behind the USD performance could be the US Treasury yields that stay heavy near three month low. Hence, gold has multiple catalysts to track for near-term direction but nothing more important appears than the US CPI for now.

Gold Price Analysis
Failures to sustained the bounce off an ascending support line from March join the most bearish MACD signals in three months to keeps gold sellers hopeful. However, a downside break of 21-day SMA near $1,883 won’t be enough for gold bears’ return as the stated trend line support, close to $1,871, could also restrict the commodity’s further declines.

In a case where the quote drops below $1,871, the early May’s top near $1,845 should return to the chart. Alternatively, corrective pullback needs to cross a 12-day-long horizontal line near the $1,900 threshold to recall the gold buyers. Also acting as an upside filter is the latest swing high $1,916.62, a break of which will aim for the yearly top near $1,960 with $1,935 likely acting as a buffer.

Gold Price Forecast
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