crude or natural gas spot or mcx crucial update–09887158903 join 15 aug. offer whtsup group say hi

crude spot or mcx—- Friday gvn rockeddddd now no if and but have to watch 74.50 mcx 5560 if stay abv will see fire boom 5620-5700++ heading towards ini wti crude will 76-76$ expect again…. where 71$ crucial support if stay blw will cresate panic more will trade hrs……………………

natural gas mcx or spot—ng spot watch short term 3.80$ if stya blw will create panic 3.72-3.66$ where 3.58 rock hard support for u turn……… where 4.22$ stya abv will see fire boom 4.40-4.70$ more in trade hrs.

mcx natural gas– support indicate 280 if stya blw will create panic 272-66+++ where if hold abv 280 thna mkt no if and but up side only or abv 305 u will seee fire boommmmmmmmmm———–yes era of 2019 will return??????????

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