Dec. contract at : 63230 If it Break 63075 ??? Will SELL & on rise ready to SELL upto 63600 TARGET——62300——62130——61700 in Hours!!!!!!! Yes Ready For Bloodbath.!! Stop of 63700—-63900 On Close Basis we are …

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Now SELLING AT : 1373 Will SELL Moree On rise.! Nonstop crasssssssh upto——1357——-1342——-1314 Blooooooooooodbath is must !!


now at : 8960 Now we are SELLING this !! Target——8926——-8911 in hours !!


Stop of 16718 on closing basis ! now we are SELLING At : 16668 nonstop crassssssh upto 16613———–16591 is possible.


#NASDAQ Below 14850 On Rise we Love to Take For SELL . Downside Target—14584—14551–14499 Hurdle at – 14850 If Close Above will review ! #NASDAQ100#dji#WallstreetBets#wallstreet


#GOLD_MCXStop of 47100—–47040 we are Buying At__47280Target——47621——-47840+#BOXCHART More will updated to members.!


NIFTY As expected Crasssssssssshed Vertically !! Now what next ?? If Stay Below 16629 For 15 Minutes ?? Nonstop Crasssssssssh upto——16601———16593———-16585 is possible.!


Hey friends ! Now we are here to help you using #BOXCHART . Keep ready to make money On twitter we are with name of @IamLokeshsoni follow me here also for good updates power of …

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