Gold Price Prediction – Prices Remain Under Pressure

Gold Price Futures

Gold Price Prediction: Gold prices rebounded after testing lower levels on Tuesday, edging up to resistance levels. U.S. Treasury yields moved lower along with the U.S. dollar which provided the backdrop of higher gold prices. The Atlanta Fed increased its forecast of Q1 GDP, expecting it will now show that the U.S. economy expanded by 10%.

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Gold Price Prediction – Prices Remain Under Pressure via @marketinvestor

Gold Price Prediction – Gold Consolidates After 2% Weekly Rise

Gold prices consolidate their weekly gains on Friday as the dollar rebounded. The Greenback fell to a 33-month low on Thursday and continued to lift the week’s commodity complex. US yields moved higher despite a decrease in riskier assets. US leading economic indicators came out slightly better than expected while the US current account deficit widened by more than expected.

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